Spinning Top Candlestick Definition

February 10, 2021

In the above chart, a spinning top candlestick appeared at the end of a pullback. In the uptrend, the Spinning Top shows that the buyers are not eager to buy more, and a reversal is possible. Conversely, in a downtrend, the appearance of Spinning Top tells that sellers are losing interest, and there is a possibility of an upward movement of the price. The Harami pattern is a 2-bar reversal candlestick patternThe 2nd bar is contained within the 1st one Statistics to… On the other hand, the candlestick double-spinning top pattern refers to a continuation of the previous trend. Besides that, the spinning top shows the current trend weakness.

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spinning top candle

Because of being a single candle pattern, wait for the next candles for confirmation. This candlestick in the middle of a move may mean nothing, but at a resistance or support may very well represent the very day a reversal is about to happen. In this chart, we have the perfect combo to enter a short-selling position – spinning top pattern, double top pattern, and the intersection at the 61.8% Fibonacci level.

Until the situation becomes clear, the traders should be cautious and minimize their position size. In a downtrend, the bears are in absolute control as they manage to grind the prices lower. With the spinning top in the downtrend, the bears could be consolidating their position before resuming another bout of selling.

Children’s spinning tops are the inspiration for the naming of the Spinning Top candlestick pattern. On the other hand, a bearish spinning top pattern happens when the price opens sharply lower and then buyers come back in. In the two situations, the price usually closely above or below the opening price. You can practise trading using the spinning top chart pattern with an IG demo account.

Remember that a strong move after the Doji or the forex candlestick patterns spinning top shows a new potential price direction. The bullish spinning top pattern occurs at the bottom of a downward trend and may signal a bullish trend reversal. Usually, when the pattern is formed, the chances of a trend reversal are very high as the asset enters a price consolidation mode. While the spinning top candlestick pattern has a small real body, the Doji pattern has almost no body and is sometimes represented as just a cross. The length of the body represents the difference between the opening price and the closing price. Spinning tops are one of the most frequent candlestick patterns, which makes them very easy to spot on most charts.

When looking for a reversal, in this case, it would be signified as a green canadian forex brokersstick which would indicate that the bulls or buyers are back in control. When a crypto asset closes at a slightly higher price than it opened, this forms a bullish spinning top candlestick as a mild buying activity has taken place. This is also known as the spinning top white candlestick. This is often signified by a green spinning top candlestick but is not always the case because sometimes it could take a different color. What is most important is the direction of the trend before the spinning top candlestick occurs. A Tweezer Top is a bearish reversal pattern seen at the top of uptrends and consists of two Japanese candlesticks with matching tops.

Adding spinning tops to your trading repertoire can improve your odds of success. Spinning tops and high wave candles are only applicable after an uptrend or downtrend. Similarly, when a string of long bearish candlesticks forms a downtrend, it is clear that the bears are in charge. Both Doji and wlkp stock forecaststick patterns happen frequently. In some cases, they’re both used to alert the reversal after a solid price move.

Bearish Spinning Top Candlestick Pattern

Even though the candle next to the Spinning Top is bearish, there is indecision between buyers and sellers. In this scenario, we may wait for the price actions and then go long or short. White spinning tops are candlestick lines that are small, green-bodied, and possess shadows that end up exceeding the length of candle bodies.

Here is another chart where the doji appears after a healthy uptrend after which the market reverses its direction and corrects. Have a look at the chart below, where the dojis appears in a downtrend indicating indecision in the market before the next big move. Whatever we learnt for spinning tops applies to Dojis as well. In fact, more often than not, the dojis and spinning tops appear in a cluster indicating indecision in the market.

This candlestick pattern indicates indecision about an asset’s future trend direction. There are a few ways to trade when you see the spinning top candlestick pattern. Most traders use technical indicators to confirm what they believe a spinning top is signalling, because these indicators can provide more insight into price trends. A spinning top is acandlestickpattern that has a shortreal bodythat’s vertically centered between long upper and lower shadows. The candlestick pattern represents indecision about the future direction of the asset. It means that neither buyers nor sellers could gain the upper hand.

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HowToTrade.com helps traders of all levels learn how to trade the financial markets. In the chart below, the spinning top pattern occurs at the end of an uptrend after the second double top. Therefore, in this example, we can see a combination of the spinning top pattern and the double top pattern. As you can see in the USD/CHF gitlab vs github 1H chart above, the spinning top pattern appears at the top of a trend and has the following features – small body, long upper and lower shadows. As seen in the short body of the candlestick, the market didn’t change much when it closed versus when it opened. Therefore, a spinning topper is often confused with a doji pattern.

spinning top candle

These spinning tops and doji could not break a resistance line that created themselves. And because they were going lateral, they could be continuation or reversal patterns. So, as mentioned earlier, traders should wait in these situations for the next candles to confirm a reversal or a continuation. The chart above of the Energy SPDR shows the indecisiveness of the high wave candlesticks at the bottom of a downtrend. Only when a large bullish candlestick moved higher was a clear bottom formed and a new uptrend begun. The spinning top part of this candlestick makes it a reversal signal.

How to handle risk with the Spinning Top pattern?

Ideally, these two wicks should be of similar length, with a short body and a small difference between the opening price and close. Deepen your knowledge of technical analysis indicators and hone your skills as a trader. After the appearance of the bullish engulfing pattern, the risk has reduced.

  • After a strong price advance or decline, spinning tops can signal a potential price reversal if the candle that follows confirms.
  • The bulls are no longer in control; spinning tops would not be formed on the charts if they were.
  • The Spinning Top pattern consists of a small body with long upper and lower wicks.
  • The majority of professional traders utilize technical indicators that confirm that they believe that the signalization of the spinning top is occurring.
  • When a spinning top candlestick is formed at the support level, it is likely to lead to a reversal of the market trend.
  • But within the session, the buyers and the sellers both had the upper hand at one point, which shown by the long upper and lower shadows.

The spinning top candlestick pattern is a trading indicator that predicts the trend movement of a cryptocurrency by identifying moments of weakness and indecisiveness in the market. The spinning top candlestick is an easy formation to recognise and can be helpful in determining whether a price reversal might occur. Learn more about this pattern and how you can trade when you recognise it. It means that a spinning top may alert about an upcoming crucial change in a trend. However, a confirmation from the next candle is key to determine whether the prices will drop after the uptrend.

What does the Spinning Top Candlestick Pattern show?

If this battle takes place at a support level, very often, the follow-through is in favor of the bulls. The Spinning Top Candlestick refers to a formation that shows indecision with the succeeding trend direction. With that in mind, let’s see what the spinning top pattern looks like on a trading chart.

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On the other hand, spinning tops have longer wicks that extend to both sides, while the body is also longer, although the distance between the open and close should be small. The examples highlight the importance of confirmation and context. Spinning tops within ranges typically help confirm the range and the market’s indecision. Spinning tops within trends may be reversals signals, but the candle that follows needs to confirm.

The single candle of the Spinning Top candlestick has long wicks that extend higher and lower its short body. Such a pattern is formed when the prices rapidly move in one direction before a sudden reversal of the trend in an inverse direction. Even if this candle has a white candle body, it is a very bearish signal because of the long upper shadow. A spinning top, black or white, at resistance is a bearish signal, and a spinning top, black or white, at support is a bullish signal.

On the other hand, in case a Doji appears beneath a filled candle, it shows a downward trend reversal. CharacteristicDiscussionNumber of candle linesOne.Price trend leading to the patternNone required.ConfigurationLook for a small black body with shadows taller than the body. A black spinning top is a small candle with tall shadows.

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